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MBSE & System Engineering

We help your organization in designing and implementing methods and tools for system engineering.


Design, Train and Deploy

We integrate custom-made MBSE solutions based on well-known software tools by applying an agile and rigorous methodology in an operational context.



01. Methodology

Based on our expertise, we offer custom solutions for your systems engineering processes from requirements management to testing.

02. Implementation

We integrate all software tools selected in the process, and more specifically by developing modules promoting the interoperability between the tools.

03. Training

We also ensure the proper use of methods and tools of the solution by providing custom trainings to your employees on the entire process and tools.


Better Understand Our Customers

The MBSE approach is performed in a specific and dedicated manner for each company, and cannot be generalized. Our priority is first of all to listen to you to clearly identify your needs, and this throughout the process of implementing the chosen solution. 

A Propos



Since 2013, we have been helping companies of all sizes to improve their engineering process by implementing dedicated methods and software tools.


Values that are important for us: listening to our customers and our collaborators, rigor in our working methods, and efficiency through a pragmatic approach.


We do not have dedicated software partners. We use the technologies that our customers use or that we consider to be the most suited to the needs of the project.



Main technologies we use